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Amerika Birleşik Devletlerinin önde gelen bilim ve teknoloji müzelerinden biri olan The Tech Museum of Innovation, 2007 Tech Müzesi ödülleri için aday başvurularının 29 Ocak 2007 gunu açıldıgını açıkladı. Her yıl verilen bu ödüller , uluslararası alanda teknolojiyi insanlık yararına kullanan inovasyoncuları ödüllendirmesiyle tanınıyor. Başvurular için son tarih 26 Mart 2007 ydi. Başvuru tarihinin geçmesine rağmen müze ödülleri ile ilgili ayrintili bilgiyi www.techawards.org. web sitesinden inceleyebilirsiniz.

Applied Materials Inc. Tarafından sunulan Tech Müzesi Ödülleri 5 kategoride 25 aday seçiyor. Kategoriler çevre, ekonomik gelişim, eğitim olarak belirlendi. Bu 25 aday teknolojiyi inovatif yollarla küresel sorunları çözmek için kullananlar arasından seçildi. 25 adayin calismalari San Jose de bulunan Tech Museum of Innovation da ve resmi ödül web sitesinde  sergilenecektir. Her kategoriden kazanan aday 50000 $ para ödülü alacak.

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 29, 2007

Program Honors Innovators Using Technology to Benefit Humanity

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 29, 2007 – The Tech Museum of Innovation, one of the nation’s premier science and technology museums, announced today that nominations are open for the 2007 Tech Museum Awards. This annual awards program is recognized internationally for honoring innovators from around the world who are using technology to benefit humanity. The deadline for nominations is March 26, 2007, and individuals, for-profit and non-profit organizations are all eligible to apply. Nomination forms and Awards criteria can be found at The Tech Museum’s Awards web site at www.techawards.org.

Established in 2001, The Tech Museum Awards, presented by Applied Materials, Inc., recognizes 25 Laureates in five categories Environment, Economic Development, Education, Health, and Equality. These 25 Laureates have developed, or are currently developing, innovative ways to use technology in solving global challenges. All 25 Laureates will be showcased at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, and will be featured on the Tech Museum Award’s official website, www.techawards.org . One Laureate in each category will receive a $50,000 cash prize, announced at a November 15 gala dinner to be held at the museum, and hosted by NFL legend and member of the Tech Museum’s Board of Directors, Steve Young.

Following the nomination period, eligible nominees will be invited to submit applications. 25 Laureates across five categories – Environment, Economic Development, Education, Health, and Equality – will be selected from among all of the nominees and applicants by an international panel of judges led by the Santa Clara University Center for Science, Technology, and Society. Five of the 25 Laureates will each receive a $50,000 prize at a gala event held on November 7, 2007, when Silicon Valley luminaries will gather to celebrate the ways in which these Laureates have used technology to address the world’s most critical issues.

“The Tech Museum’s Tech Awards Program gives visibility to some of the most creative and impactful uses of science and technology around the world,” said Peter Friess, President of The Tech. “In addition, this Program can also help people and projects connect with new funding opportunities essential to continuing their work. We encourage participation from all over the world, and look forward once again to recognizing innovators who might otherwise go unheard of if not for the Tech Museum Awards.”

In 2006, the Tech Awards received 951 nominations from 98 countries. The cash prize winning Laureates were: MBA Polymers, Inc. of Richmond, CA, recipient of the Intel Environment Award for developing an advanced, energy-efficient plastics recycling process; Center for Development of Disadvantaged People of Chennai, India, recipient of the Accenture Economic Development Award for the creation of a water purification system that uses indigenous plants; Internet Archive of San Francisco, recipient of the Microsoft Education Award for building an Internet library offering permanent access for researchers, historians and scholars to historical collections in a digital format; Sumitomo Chemical Co. of Tokyo, Japan, recipient of the Agilent Technologies Foundation Health Award for its Olyset mosquito bed-net for malaria protection; and Daniel K. Davies of AbleLink Technologies, Inc. of Colorado Springs, CO, recipient of the Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award for pioneering information technology to help the cognitively disabled.

The Awards program was launched in 2000, inspired in part by the “State of the Future” report published by the Millennium Project of the American Council of the United Nations University. The report recommends that award recognition is an effective way to accelerate scientific breakthrough and technological applications to improve the human condition. The Awards categories are based on the 15 Global Challenges identified in the report.

The Tech Museum Awards partners and sponsors include: Applied Materials, Inc., Santa Clara University Center for Science, Technology and Society, American Council for The United Nations University, United Nations Development Programme, World Bank Institute, Intel, Accenture, Microsoft, Agilent Technologies Foundation and The Swanson Foundation.

About The Tech Museum of Innovation:
The Tech Museum of Innovation is an interactive technology and science experience. Located in San Jose, California – the Capital of Silicon Valley – its mission, as a public-benefit corporation, is to inspire the innovator in everyone. Through hands-on exhibits, educational programs, the annual Tech Challenge student team competition, and the internationally recognized Tech Museum Awards, presented by Applied Materials, Inc., The Tech Museum of Innovation honors the past, celebrates the present, and encourages the development of innovative ideas for a more promising future. For more information about The Tech Museum of Innovation, visit www.thetech.org.
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