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Dear educators and fellow futurists,

The just-published second FUTUREtakes trans-cultural thematic issue, available at http://www.futuretakes.org/ThematicIssue.htm, features articles on the following topics

1. the West and Islam
2. immigration and assimilation – two models
3. perspectives from South Africa
4. Eastern, Western, and Native concepts of peace
5. an inside look at Syria
6. Europe’s role in the 21st century
7. organizational and business culture
8. images of the future (a pilot study of a classroom setting)
9. Eastern, Western, and Native concepts of peace

The “Points for the Classroom” appended to the articles are designed to inspire student and faculty articles, commentary, and research projects. 

I’m interested in your thoughts on how FUTUREtakes can best support the objectives of the Millennium Project and help you grow the next generation of futurists.  Let us know how we can help!

Kind regards,

Dave Stein

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